Hiring: Social Media Manager

This opening for Social Media Manager is a contract opportunity at Snap Call Media, a poker, casino and sports betting multimedia production company based in Vancouver, Canada. We are seeking a social media expert to promote our existing web content products.

These products include but are not limited to:

  • Weekly sports betting video podcast on YouTube (with Twitter, Instagram, and additional YouTube social clips)
  • Weekly online casino themed live streams on Twitch (with TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube social clips)

This is a part time position with potential for growth.


  • Hands on Managing of the Sports Betting social media channels. Responsibilities include posts across all platforms.
  • Collaborate with Snap Call Media‚Äôs production team to create weekly video content across different platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Post videos to Social Media platforms
  • Enhance viewership and engagement for each project on the primary channels (YouTube and Twitch)
  • Help create spin-off promotional content for associated social media channels (TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube)
  • Design and run social media engagement campaigns
  • Link building (organic and paid)

Skills Required

  • Experience running social media campaigns on various platforms
  • Experience with organic and paid content distribution methods
  • Strong understanding of web video content and livestream content
  • Fluent English speaker with strong writing and communication skills
  • Basic SEO skills
  • Knowledge of gambling including sports, casino, and poker 

About Us

Snap Call Media produces video content for online poker, casino and sports betting companies. Our work commonly includes online betting site reviews, educational material including poker, casino and sports betting strategy and game tutorials, product and promotional videos showing off new software, game features, special offers and so on.

Please submit your cover letter and CV to info@snapcallmedia.com.