Hiring: Video Podcast Producer

This opening for Video Podcast Producer is a contract opportunity at Snap Call Media, a poker, casino and sports-betting film production company based in Vancouver, Canada. The Video Podcast Producer produces a video podcast for one of our clients on a weekly basis.

Note: This job can be performed from a remote location, as long as you can attend the show taping time listed below.

Wise Kracks Sports Betting Podcast

A weekly video podcast hosted by professional sports bettor Bill Krackomberger and co-host Rosalie Michaels, a Daily Fantasy Sports analyst.

Wise Kracks provides sports betting strategy, tips, picks, analysis and entertainment covering all major sports. The show also features a weekly guest such as key sportsbook and industry figures, handicappers, pro sports bettors, journalists, other podcast hosts and media figures.

Show Specs:

  • Client is WSN.com (https://www.wsn.com/podcast/)
  • Runtime of 50-60 minutes per episode.
  • The show tapes Wednesday 9:00AM PST via Zoom meeting and generally last 2.5 hours.
  • Episode, social clips and text descriptions are submitted to client by EOD Wednesday for them to post Thursday morning Europe time.
  • Video is available on YouTube. Audio podcast available on all major platforms.


  • Each weekly episode starts with the producer receiving guest and topic details from hosts and then generating an episode outline document for hosts to follow on air. This should happen by EOD Tuesday latest but is dependent on guest and topic details from hosts.
  • The producer works with a technician who handles recording and editing.
  • Directly before episode taping, Producer facilitates a Zoom prep-session with hosts and technician to fine-tune audio and video, and then go over episode content.
  • During episode taping, the producer is responsible for additional tasks including monitoring host content and recording time stamps for social media clips.
  • After the episode is taped, Producer uses Zoom meeting video recording to select exact social media time codes and send to editor.
  • Finally, Producer is responsible for writing two brief descriptions of the episode for the client’s website and YouTube.
  • Detailed instructions on all of these tasks will be provided.

Weekly Deliverables:

  1. Generate episode outline including call times, Zoom meeting link, confirmed guest details and questions, content topics, client calls to action. Viewer Twitter questions must be added shortly before episode tapes.
  2. Episode production including monitoring and directing content when necessary to ensure all important topics are covered.
  3. Time stamps for social media clips recorded during episode taping and used later to gather precise time stamps from recording of Zoom meeting.
  4. Episode descriptions for WSN.com and YouTube. Roughly 600 words total, document delivered to shared Google Drive folder.

Skills Required:

  • Experience producing web shows, podcasts or video for the web
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills
  • Familiar with Zoom meeting platform
  • Knowledge of sports betting is a big plus
  • Organized and able to hit deadlines

If you are interested in applying, please email your cover-letter, resume, and any other relevant materials (e.g. portfolio) to info@snapcallmedia.com.